Continuation of the Loy “Come Back to Teach” Education Grants

Friday, August 4, 2023

2023 Convocation | Loy Come Back To Teach | Winchester Education Foundation

The Winchester Education Foundation is pleased to announce the continuation of the Loy “Come Back to Teach” Education Grants. These grants are funded by a testamentary trust of the late Mindy J. Loy, John Handley Class of 1974.

The goals of the Loy “Come Back to Teach” Education Grants are to assist Handley High School graduates who have decided to serve as educators, administrators and other certificated professionals in the Winchester Public Schools, to promote recruitment and retention by Winchester Public Schools of outstanding education professionals, and, to the extent possible, to promote a racially and ethnically diverse professional faculty by encouraging employment of persons of underrepresented populations.

The 2023 Loy “Come Back to Teach” Education grants were awarded at the 2023 opening convocation to Luis Ramirez Barron (Handley High School), Keith Bowman (Garland Quarles Elementary), Heba Frye (innovation Center), Alexandra Hoxton (Virginia Ave. Elementary), and Sarah Walrath (John Kerr Elementary.)

Dr. Jason Van Heukelum, Superintendent, sees the impact of the Loy “Come Back to Teach” Education Grants throughout the Division. “The difference these grants make is truly immeasurable,” he says. “There is no one who knows our students better than a Handley alumnus. They are able to make a difference in their own communities while paying off their student loan debt or continuing their education. It's a win-win.”

The Winchester Education Foundation began making these grants in the 2018-2019 school year. Since that time the foundation has awarded more than $135,000 in “Come Back to Teach” grants to educators in the Winchester Public Schools.

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