Winchester Education Foundation | Board of Directors


Madelyn Rodriguez - President: Appointed by WPS

Irina Khanin - Vice President: Appointed by WPS

Lisa Frye - Treasurer: Appointed by WEF

Martha Roberson - Secretary: Appointed by WEF

Back Row Left to Right – Pepper Martin, III – Assistant Executive Director, Dennis Haston, Russ Potts – Executive Director, Kimberli Ball, Scott Arthur, Nate Adams, Harry Smith

Front Row Left to Right (Officers) – Martha Roberson – Secretary, Madelyn Rodriguez– President, Irina Khanin – Vice President, Lisa Frye - Treasurer


Kimberli Ball - Past President - Appointed by WEF

Dennis Haston - Appointed by WPS

Scott Arthur - Appointed by Handley Board of Trustees

Nate Adams - Appointed by Handley Board of Trustees

Harry Smith - Appointed by Handley Board of Trustees