The primary functions of the School Board are to formulate policy and to oversee the operation of the school system under the guidance of the Superintendent.  The School Board directs budget expenditures, oversees teachers, staff professionals, and support personnel, and carries out the responsibilities connected with the ownership and maintenance of school buildings and sites.  The School Board makes decisions based on the advice and counsel of education professionals, but keeps in mind the desires of the public it serves.

Private funds raised through the Winchester Education Foundation are used to improve, enhance, and enrich K-12 instructional programs by:

  • Purchasing additional instructional supplies and materials to support teaching and learning;
  • Fully/partially funding endowed chairs or faculty positions in English, Mathematics, Science, or History and Social Science at John Handley High School;
  • Providing supplemental funds for non-contract remediation, intervention, and extension instructional positions to complement and expand our current faculties;
  • Meeting the financial and budgetary needs of certain extracurricular activities; i.e. the “all world” Destination Imagination Team(s); an integrated science, mathematics, & technology summer program; a foreign language cultural language immersion program/trip, etc;
  • Increasing the opportunities for “world class” training and staff development opportunities for our faculty from national and international experts in the educational field; and
  • Providing technology infrastructure and software to expand our virtual and on-line course offerings (grades 6-12).