The Judges Athletic Association (JAA) was founded in 1957 for the purpose of providing financial support to the Handley athletic program and its student athletics.   The JAA is governed by a Board of Directors selected from the general membership of the organization.   The JAA is a charitable foundation which independent of the school system and the Handley athletic department.

Donations to the Winchester Education Foundation will allow the JAA to continue and to expand its mission in the following ways:


Annually, the JAA awards scholarships to Handley student-athletes who are going on to college and/or trade schools.  From its first scholarship awarded in 1957 in the amount of $100, the program has grown tremendously; the JAA recently surpassed the $1.5 million benchmark in cumulative scholarships awarded, benefitting over 850 student-athletes of Handley High School.

Athletic Department Support

Each year the JAA also supports the Handley athletic department by donating thousands of dollars for equipment, uniforms and other needed items.  The JAA also donates to special projects, and in 2009, the JAA donated $50,000 to help fund the purchase of the strength-training equipment for Handley’s new “Larry Nelson Fitness Room”.   This equipment is available for use by all student-athletes who compete for the Handley Judges as well as for all students in physical education classes.

Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame (HMHOF)

The JAA also sponsors the Hunter Maddex Hall of Fame, recognizing outstanding Handley athletes and coaches of the past, as well as those who have made important contributions to the Handley athletic program.