At the request of the City Council in 1896, the State Legislature created the Handley Board of Trustees (the “Handley Trust”) to receive and manage the assets bequeathed by Judge John Handley and to fulfill the terms of his will.  The Handley Library, built in the beautiful Beaux Arts style, was completed in 1913 and has since undergone several major renovations and expansions.  Soon after the completion of the Handley Library, plans were begun for what would become one of the most magnificent and progressive schools in the state and country, Handley High School, completed in 1923.

Although the Trust helped to finance the multi-million dollar renovation of Handley High School completed in 2009, its primary focus for many years has been on programs to expand and enrich the educational experience of students, teachers, parents, and the entire community.   Recognizing that the funds of Judge Handley which established the Handley Trust are finite, while the needs of the school system will continue indefinitely, the Trust recognized the need for private fundraising efforts and was a strong supporter of the movement to create the Winchester Education Foundation.

Contributions to the WEF which pass to the Handley Trust will be used to grow the principal of the trust fund for preservation of these important programs.

The Handley Trust Visiting Scholar and Artist Program invites scholars and artists from throughout the country to work directly with students of Winchester Public Schools, providing exciting opportunities for discussions, demonstrations and workshops to supplement and enhance regular curricula.

The Handley Professional Development Grant Program expands and enriches the talents and experience of teachers and administrators by providing grants for professional development opportunities beyond what can typically be offered by the school system.   The growth and rejuvenation experienced by grant recipients is then passed on to students and colleagues, confirming the Trust’s philosophy that a direct benefit to one person benefits many others as well.

The Handley Trust Parental Involvement Program provides funding to support classes in active parenting for parents of Winchester students.   Parents learn how to challenge their children and engage them in the learning process.  The program benefits children, parents and the educational process.