The Legacy

Upon his death in 1895, Judge John Handley of Scranton, PA bequeathed most of his fortune to the City of Winchester, Virginia for a public library and “the creation of school houses for the education of the poor.”  Although he never lived in Winchester, Judge Handley visited frequently and established strong ties to the community.  Pursuant to the terms of his will, a trust fund was created and the income from the investment of his estate was used for the construction of schools and a library. READ MORE >>


The Winchester Education Foundation was established as a non-profit educational foundation, separate from the Handley Board of Trustees, in 2000 under the leadership of former Superintendent of Winchester Public Schools Glenn Burdick.   The original objectives of the organization were to generate money for scholarships for faculty enrichment and for students planning to become teachers and to handle special gifts to the school system from private donors.  The first donation received was a $10,000 anonymous contribution to improve the track at Daniel Morgan Middle School. READ MORE >>


Continuing the vision of Judge John Handley, whose philanthropy has afforded Winchester’s citizens with quality public education for nearly a century, the Foundation seeks to preserve and enhance this legacy for future generations by:

  • Fundraising to generate a higher level of resources for the Winchester Public Schools;
  • Providing funds for foundation member organizations (Handley Trust, Winchester Public School Board, Judges Athletic Association, John Handley High School Museum and Archive) to fulfill their missions; and
  • Offering individuals and businesses opportunities for making contributions to benefit the school children of the Winchester Public Schools. READ MORE >>


The purpose of the Winchester Education Foundation is to facilitate a public-private partnership between the Winchester Public Schools and private citizens and businesses who recognize the value of excellence in public education in Winchester, Virginia.  The Foundation seeks to raise funds, through various means, for the Handley Trust, the Winchester Public Schools, the Judges Athletic Association and the John Handley High School Museum and Archive. READ MORE >>